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Bookkeeping a necessary evil?

The reason for having an accurate set of books is not only to satisfy government regulations, save money on late filing fees or give you time to concentrate on your business. These are important reasons but it can also be a valuable business tool. Are you making money? Where will you be in 5 years? Are you working towards a goal or just working? Don’t think of bookkeeping as a necessary evil. Think of it as a business survival map and think of Just Wiz it Bookkeeping as the compass.


Did you know that it costs less to keep your books up-to-date on a monthly or quarterly basis than having them done once a year? Less detective work!

A Service Company

We are small. We are reliable. We actually enjoy bookkeeping. We have been doing it over 20 years and we WILL save you money. We provide personalized service in the greater Calgary area. We are mobile as well and if required will come to you.


The bookkeeping industry is not regulated and anyone “armed” with a computer and a software package can call themselves a bookkeeper. An unexperienced bookkeeper can cause a lot of damage. So what do you look for? You look for experience, references, fair prices and availability. That is what Just Wiz it Bookkeeping is all about.


We not only do bookkeeping but we have worked with many successful business owners (and not so successful) and have learned what works and what doesn’t.

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Accounts Payable

Our accounts payable function includes paying any outstanding bills while ensuring that charges are accurate on the bills. Matching supplier statements to previous balances in the system ensures that no bills are paid twice in error and that the bills are for services/goods actually received.

Accounts Receivable

Our accounts receivable function includes posting payments to the correct accounts, tracking accounts receivable aging information, and ensuring that any past due receivables are noted for diligent follow up. Monthly reporting of outstanding receivables is done so that owners/managers are made aware of any outstanding receivables on a timely basis. Statements with monthly interest charges can also be created, based upon your company’s policies, to send to the customers who pay partially or pay late.

By ensuring that your day to day entries (such as invoices, deposits, payroll, payables, shareholder draws, etc) are done, this allows us to then move to the next step. The preparation of monthly bank reconciliations are key to any business operation. The monthly bank reconciliations ensure that any bank errors are caught in time and help manage the cash flow of the business. Bank activity in the system must be matched to the bank activity on the statement to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the bank activity and cash transactions.

We provide payroll services at a variety of levels. Our services include preparations of pay stubs, calculating source deductions, providing the amounts to remit to Canada Revenue Agency on a monthly basis, assisting with the preparations of T4 Summaries and Supplementary slips, as well as preparation of additional slips (T4A, T5018’s) as required. We can provide on-site payroll assistance or off-site payroll assistance (where we e-mail the pay stubs and remittance amounts to you).

We assist clients in preparing GST (Goods & Services Tax) and WCB (Workers’ Compensation Board) returns. Our clients have different needs depending on their filing periods, and our services vary depending on the returns required. As we typically maintain the records of our clients, compiling the reports required for the preparation of these returns is just one additional step. Clients can find themselves spending excessive time getting these reports ready, but we are able to offer these services in addition to our other bookkeeping services, enabling you to concentrate on running your business instead of your books.